Stormwater Basin Sediment Removal

Stormwater basins, along with retention ponds, help to protect neighborhoods and other developments by controlling water runoff, especially on sites with a high percentage of impervious materials such as asphalt and concrete. Because water is not absorbed and runs through these areas much quicker than in natural habitat, maintaining the function of the basin is especially important. Heartland Dredging is ready to assist with eco-friendly stormwater sludge removal on your property. Contact us at (317) 769-2781 to set up an appointment. We serve Indiana and the surrounding states.

Stormwater basins collect and keep stormwater runoff, controlling the quantity and quality of the water released. The pond then works naturally to clean the water — if the basin is healthy. Over time, if proper erosion controls are not maintained and depending upon what is upstream, the basin can develop too much sediment leading to sludge and muck, and even algae overgrowth. All of these factors reduce the effectiveness of the basin and will require dredging to restore the health and aesthetics of the pond.

Indiana Stormwater Basin Dredging Services

Hydraulic Stormwater Basin Dredging

We specialize in hydraulic dredging, which is a perfect fit for the tight quarters of small retention ponds and stormwater basins. These ponds are usually located in neighborhoods and are surrounded by homes and other structures with no room for heavy equipment.


Benefits of Hydraulic Dredging

  • No need for dewatering or loss of marine life
  • Only clean water is returned to the basin
  • Easy access to congested areas
  • Minimal damage to the surrounding areas, so minimal site restoration needed
  • Reduced sludge disposal costs
  • Will not damage pond or lagoon liners
  • Immediate results
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No odors
  • Sediment containment and reduction in volume

Over the years, we’ve worked with several clients with clogged basins. Meridian Woods Park development in Indianapolis had a severe sedimentation problem in their stormwater basin, leading to a rip-rap lined channel. We were able to help them restore the functionality of their stormwater basin.

“The Highland Green Development in Hendricks County had a basin clogged with sediment and organic material. The situation was complicated by the small area being crisscrossed with dangerous buried gas pipelines. We were able to shoehorn in our small but powerful hydraulic dredge without crossing any of the gas pipelines and successfully pump out the sediment.

In addition to stormwater basin dredging, we also work with waste lagoons, ponds, lakes, marinas, and other waterbodies. Keep in mind that if you’re not sure about the extent of your sediment problem, Heartland Dredging offers bathymetric surveying using sonar and GPS positioning to locate and determine the amount of sediment under the water. If you then decide to move forward with the dredging process, we will credit the amount paid for the survey to the dredging bill.

“If you think your clogged basin could lead to flooding, contact Heartland Dredging for stormwater sediment removal. You can also read our About and FAQ pages for more information. We serve Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Illinois.