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Heartland Dredging offers pond sludge removal and bathymetric surveys in Ohio and other midwestern states. If your waterbody is clogged with sludge and sediment, let us help you restore its esthetic and functional purposes. We work with municipalities, commercial businesses, homeowner associations, and homeowners. Contact us at (317) 769-2781 for more information.

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Eco-Friendly Dredging in Ohio

Lake Dredging in Ohio

Our expertise is in removing unwanted silt and sludge from confined bodies of water in an eco-friendly manner. If you have a picture in your mind of a drained pond with massive excavation work, think again. At Heartland Dredging, we use a versatile, powerful hydraulic dredging system that fits into places that are simply inaccessible to conventional dredging equipment. It will remove large quantities of sediment without draining the waterbody. Simply put, we offer turnkey solutions from the initial planning phase to completion.

Do I Have a Sediment Problem?

Not sure if you have a problem with sludge? Find out for certain with a bathymetric survey. Using sonar and GPS positioning, our staff can accurately estimate the amount of sediment and its location. If you decide to take advantage of our dredging services in Ohio, we’ll deduct the cost of the survey from your final bill. Find out more on our About and FAQ pages.

What Type of Waterbodies Do You Service?

Since 2009, we’ve worked on a wide range of projects and have experience with the following types of waterbodies:

In Ohio, two of our major projects include the West Mansfield Ohio sewer lagoon and the residential Choctow Lake community in Central Ohio.

What Makes Hydraulic Dredging a Viable Treatment?

In the past, the drawback of hydraulic dredging of ponds and lagoons and other waterbodies has been the inability to control the large amount of excess water. However, the following technology has made all the difference:

  • We now pump the sludge into geotextile tubes, which are large bags made out of different types of filter fabric.
  • We then add coagulating polymers to the sludge, which quickly separates the sediment from the water.
  • The water then filters out crystal clear and can be redirected into a nearby storm drain or over-land back to the body of water without any further filtering needed.

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Don’t wait for a major problem before contacting us about pond dredging in Ohio. Being prepared is half the battle. Contact us at (317) 769-2781 for more information. We serve Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Kentucky.