Bathymetric Surveying

Scheduling a bathymetric survey can give you an accurate idea of the amount of sediment that will need to be removed in your dredging project. Heartland Dredging has the equipment and experience to make sure your project is a success. Contact us at (317) 769-2781 for more information or to schedule an appointment. We serve Indiana and the surrounding Midwest areas.

Indiana Bathymetric Surveying

What is a Bathymetric Survey?

A bathymetric, or hydrographic survey, is an underwater topographical survey of a water’s bottom. It will measure the depth of water and reveal the amount of sediment that is present below the surface of the water. It’s an important part of the dredging process because it reveals the scope of the sediment problem in your lagoon, pond, lake, marina, or stormwater basin.

Heartland Dredging uses sonar and GPS positioning technology to survey your body of water. The cost depends upon the size of the waterbody. If you decide to contract with us for your dredging project, we will then credit the cost of the survey to the price of the entire project.


Benefits of Surveying and GPS Control

A survey lets us combine our expertise with top-quality technology for an accurate removal of the sludge.

  • It’s an eco-friendly process. We do not need to drain the waterbody, which would lead to the destruction of marine plants and fish.
  • Using sonar, we map the existing bottom of the water or top of the sediment. Next, we use a probe rod to measure the distance to the original bottom or depth of the sediment. We then take this information to produce a map of the pond bottom and calculate the amount of sediment.
  • It allows us to maintain quality control. The GPS system shows us our position in relation to the water. The operators have access to a computer monitor to see exactly where they’re at and the depth at which they’re dredging. They’re able to see how deep the cutterhead actually is underwater.
  • We don’t miss sediment and are able to quantify what’s there and what we’ve removed. We can then verify it after we’ve removed it.
  • In larger bodies of water, we do both a before and after survey so that clients can see the difference and have the actual data of where the cutterhead was underwater and what it removed.

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