Marina & River Dredging

Marinas are essential to the daily function of river and lake communities. They have maintenance, repairing, and refueling facilities for boats, as well as restaurants and other social amenities. At Heartland Dredging, we understand that when a marina is affected by excess silt and sediment, it can have a detrimental impact on its function and esthetics. Our expertise is in removing these unwanted materials from bodies of water with virtually no impact to the environment. Contact us at (317) 769-2781 to schedule an appointment. We serve Indiana and the surrounding states.

Midwest River Dredging Services

River Dredging

In the Midwest, marinas are connected to lakes, reservoirs, and rivers. It’s not unusual for the inlets leading to and from a river or lake to become clogged with sediment. Heartland Dredging has within our arsenal of equipment a compact hydraulic dredge that allows for river dredging in the congested areas of a marina.

Don’t confuse compact with weak, however. This powerful machine has an 8-inch pump capable of pumping sediment through a pipeline up to 3,000 feet at a rate of of 2500 GPM. With the addition of a small booster pump, we can increase the pumping distance to well over a mile.


Benefits of Hydraulic Marina Sediment Dredging

  • Marine life is protected
  • Only clean water is returned to the waterbody
  • Accessibility to confined areas
  • Minimal need for site restoration
  • Reduced sludge disposal costs
  • Immediate results
  • More environmentally friendly than mechanical dredging
  • No odors

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We Work with Industry Leaders

Heartland Dredging has assisted multiple companies with river and marina sediment removal. In Southeastern Indiana, we worked with the Town of Patriot to successfully dredge the inlet along the Ohio River so that they could relocate their boat ramp.

In Indianapolis, we worked with Citizens Energy Group to dredge the Broad Ripple Canal when low water levels threatened its primary function. Over the course of three years, we successfully cleaned the entire canal. We continue to work with Citizens on other projects.

How Do I Know if I Have a Problem Requiring Marina Sediment Removal?

If you’re uncertain whether you have a problem or you’re not sure of the extent of a known problem in your waterbody, we offer bathymetric surveying. This type of survey utilizes sonar and GPS positioning to determine the scope and location of the problem and will give you an accurate estimate of the amount of sediment needed to be removed. If it is determined that you do have a problem and you decide to contract with us to correct the problem, we will credit the cost of the survey to the cost of dredging. In addition to marinas, we can also dredge waste lagoons, ponds, lakes, and stormwater basins.

You can trust the experts at our 100 percent employee-owned company, Heartland Dredging. We’re known for our years of quality work and an excellent safety record. Contact us at (317) 769-2781 for our river dredging services. We serve Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky.