Lake Dredging Services

If the lake that has always been a source of beauty, and a home to wildlife on your property, has been overtaken by silt, sludge, and muck, let the professionals at Heartland Dredging restore it to its natural state with our eco-friendly lake dredging services. We operate in Indiana and the surrounding states. Contact us at (317) 769-2781 to make an appointment.

Perhaps you’re on the HOA of a lake residential community, and you realize the quality of the water has degraded significantly. If you need to remove muck from the lake bottom, we have the know-how and equipment to get the job done. Read more on our About and FAQ pages.

Midwest Lake Dredging Services

What is the Best Solution for Our Lake?

Depending upon the size of the lake and the severity of the problem, our hydraulic dredging system can pump the sludge to geotextile tubes where the material is dewatered. It takes about 12 weeks for the majority of the water to drain from the tubes, at which time we’ll cut the tubes open, allow for final drying of the sediment and then bury it or truck it out. Finally, we reseed the area.


What if the Lake is Large?

In the case of larger lakes, the best solution is often to build a containment basin by constructing a berm around the area to retain the dredge slurry. This option is typically cheaper but does require a minimum of several acres of land. We can also construct the basin so that it is large enough to hold slurry for any future dredging projects if needed.

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How Can I Determine the Scope of the Problem?

Determining the scope of your problem is easily done with a bathymetric survey. We use sonar and GPS positioning to map the bottom of the lake and then determine the amount of sediment present in the lake. If you decide to proceed with dredging after the survey, we’ll credit the cost of the survey to your final bill for the dredging.

What Proactive Measures Can We Take to Protect Our Lake?

Periodic lake sludge removal may be necessary over the course of many years depending upon the health of the waterbody. Taking the following measures can help maintain a healthy lake, pond, marina, or stormwater basin and decrease the frequency of dredging.

  • Establish good erosion control measures for your lake. Soil erosion that washes into the lake is one of the biggest contributors to lake sediment.
  • When possible, dispose of leaves and grass clippings so they don’t blow into the lake.
  • Plan for the possibility of dredging projects, and build them into your HOA/management budgets. This will prevent big, unexpected hits to your budget.
  • Prevent shoreline erosion caused by wind and wave action with rip-rap protection.

No matter how extensive your problem is, Heartland Dredging has the tools to undertake your lake sludge removal project in Indiana and the surrounding states of Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, and Kentucky. We’ve successfully worked worked with the residential lake communities of Choctaw Lake and Lake Waynoka in Ohio, as well as residents of Potter’s Cove in Eagle Creek Reservoir west of Indianapolis. Contact us today at (317) 769-2781 for more information or to make an appointment.