Pond Dredging Services

Ponds grace the property of most subdivisions and golf courses today. Sometimes, however, they become filled with sludge and silt, which detracts from their function and esthetic appeal. Heartland Dredging has a long-term solution to fix this problem and restore the pond to a healthy condition. Contact us at (317) 769-2781 to learn how hydraulic dredging can facilitate pond sludge removal in your Indiana pond.

Midwest Pond Dredging Services

Why You Need Pond Sediment Removal

Besides their esthetic appeal, ponds have an important role in neighborhoods and on golf courses. Retention ponds provide the vital function of controlling stormwater run-off in developments.


When sediment is allowed to accumulate unchecked, a number of negative things can occur:

  • Large amounts of sediment can lead to poor water quality.
  • Excessive organic sediment promotes harmful algal blooms.
  • Shallow water can lead to excessive weed growth.
  • Low oxygen levels can harm fish and other aquatic life and can even lead to fish kills.
  • High levels of sediment lead to reduced storage capacity for irrigation.
  • Muck and unattractive ponds can reduce property values.

Unobtrusive Pond Sediment Removal

Heartland Dredging specializes in hydraulic dredging that is perfect for neighborhoods and golf courses when you need to minimize the damage and disruption that a conventional mechanical dredge would cause. Our small dredge can be hauled in with a pickup truck or even a four-wheeler, yet it is capable of pumping sludge up to 1500 gallons per minute.

  • Remove silt without disrupting play on the golf course.
  • Virtually no disturbance of the field of play.
  • No need to drain the pond, which would kill the aquatic wildlife.
  • Minimal impact to the surrounding area.
  • Quick site turnaround.
  • Does not create offensive odors.
  • Safe for rubber and synthetic pond liners.

Why Work with Us?

Of all the pond cleaning companies, why work with us? Our quality of work, stellar safety record, and invested employee owners are just a few of the reasons. Here is a small sampling of our satisfied customers who’ve taken advantage of our pond sludge removal services:

  • Saddle Creek Homeowners Association in Carmel, Indiana
  • Gaither Music in Alexandria, Indiana
  • Crooked Stick Golf Course in Carmel, Indiana
  • Citizens Energy Group in Indianapolis, Indiana

Not Sure if You Need Pond Dredging?

We offer bathymetric surveying of waterbodies, which will show how much material has accumulated in your pond and will accurately estimate when and if dredging might be needed. If you then decide to move forward, we’ll deduct the cost of the survey from the cost of the dredging. Besides ponds, we can dredge other waterbodies including waste lagoons, lakes, marinas, and stormwater basins. Please check out our FAQ and About pages for more helpful information.

Heartland Dredging has the solution for pond sediment. Contact us at (317) 769-2781 for information on pond dredging in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, and Michigan.