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The integrity of our stormwater basins, waste lagoons, and retention ponds is not an issue for most people — until flood waters are knocking at the front door. Since 2009 Heartland Dredging has helped municipalities, commercial businesses, and HOAs to remediate and prevent problems with waterbodies. Contact us at (317) 769-2781 for information about dredging in Kentucky.

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You may have seen ponds or other waterbodies overflowing their banks. One of the contributing factors to this problem is sediment and organic matter that settles into ponds, forming silt, sludge, and muck. If proper anti-erosion practices are not in place, the problem only worsens as the years pass, eventually leading to flooding and other problems, as well as lowered property values because of water drainage issues and unsightly, scum-filled ponds. Once the damage has occurred, the pond must be dredged in order to restore its function and beauty.