November 2017

The Choctaw Lake project is finished! There was a total of 40,000 cubic yards of material removed from the lake using our VMI dredge with an 8” pump. The material was pumped up to 3,000 feet away to an open disposal basin that Heartland Dredging constructed. The dredge performed exceptionally well, and the residents are pleased with the work. Meanwhile, the 2 new jobs for the small dredges have not been completed due to permitting issues. Heartland is hopeful that it will be completed before winter hits too hard!

October 2017

Heartland Dredging has 2 new jobs for the small dredges, but both are on hold because of permitting delays. If the permitting process goes well, both jobs can be completed this year. The Choctaw Lake job in Ohio is ongoing for the big dredge. Heartland is over half way done, and the owners are happy with the progress. Heartland has also recently received several dredging inquiries.

September 2017

Dredging at Choctaw Lake has been up and going for about a week and everything is going well. Meanwhile, Heartland Dredging has picked up a couple of new jobs locally for the small dredges. First, we have a small job cleaning out a retention pond for a condo complex in Greenwood. It should start in a few weeks and take about 3 weeks to complete. The second job is for Roche Diagnostics on the northeast side of Indianapolis. Like the Greenwood job, it is a small job that should take only a couple weeks to complete. However, it probably won’t start until November due to permitting issues.

August 2017

Heartland Dredging is finally able to start the project at Lake Choctaw in Ohio. We had to wait until August 1st which is the end of nesting season for a pair of bald eagles in the disposal area. The project consists of moving 40,000 cy of material with the large dredge. It will be pumped to an open disposal area. Constructing the disposal area is also a small dirt job in itself. A tall berm has to be constructed to enclose a 7.8 acre area that will hold the dredge slurry while it settles out. The project should last about 2 months.

July 2017

Heartland Dredging has had various people contacting us lately, interested in dredging quotes. Heartland picked up a small job in Zionsville, IN while waiting on the Lake Choctaw project to start in Ohio. The work is being done as part of a major home renovation project on a 5 acre parcel right in the heart of Zionsville.

June 2017

The new dredge has finished in Wisconsin, and Heartland Dredging has demobilized from the site. The plan was to immediately begin the Lake Choctaw project in Ohio. However, the project has hit a slight speed bump. Part of the project is to construct an open disposal basin to pump the material into. Unfortunately, there is a massive eagle’s nest in a tree right in the middle of the proposed disposal area. There are two eaglets in the nest, and federal law requires that no new disruptive activities take place around the nest during nesting season which doesn’t end until August 1st. In the meantime, we will try to work on a small project!

May 2017

The new dredge is working in Wisconsin and will finish up soon. As soon as that project is complete, Heartland Dredging will move on to Lake Choctaw in Ohio where there are 40,000 cubic yards to remove. We will not be using geotextile tubes on this project, and the material will be pumped into an open containment area. Therefore, there will be no restrictions on the machine’s pumping ability. It is a great opportunity to see the full capability of this new dredge.

April 2017

The warm winter has allowed Heartland Dredging to do some catching up on projects. Stone’s Crossing and Northport Cove on Morse Reservoir have been completed, and we have turned our attention to mobilizing back to Wisconsin and finishing that project up. As soon as that project is complete, Heartland Dredging will move the big dredge to Lake Choctaw in Ohio where there is 40,000 cubic yards to remove and pump to an open disposal area. Heartland Dredging has received several requests for dredging quotes so far this year.

December 2016

Heartland Dredging is finally nearing the end of the dredging season.  We are currently completing a couple of the most challenging jobs we have ever had.  The jobs in Bloomington, IL and Wisconsin have been difficult for various reasons and the crews have worked hard, putting in long hours away from home. Heartland Dredging is looking forward to another strong year!  

November 2016

Heartland Dredging’s crews have been working hard in Wisconsin to overcome significant challenges. A second shift night crew has been added to ensure completion before the weather shuts everything down. Heartland has landed another large project for the big dredge for next year at Lake Choctaw near Springfield, OH. This project will begin as soon as possible in the spring.