June 2019

Heartland Dredging has finished up at Lake Waynoka in Ohio. It was a challenging job as we needed to get adjusted to the new polymer system. However, everything went well and knowing the tricks to using this new polymer will be a great help going forward. We picked up a small job at the Poet Ethanol Refinery in Cloverdale this month as well. We have done that job a couple times before, but it’s been a few years since we have been there. This project is scheduled to start early summer. 

May 2019

Heartland Dredging has begun the dredging project out in Ohio. We are trying a new polymer and mixing system to dewater and consolidate the dredge material which seems to be working well. We also have a rebuilt pontoon boat to use with the dredge. The boat looks and runs great! Heartland has also received word that we will be doing a job for Bowen Engineering in Montpelier, Indiana. This project should begin sometime in the summer.

April 2019

Heartland is ready to get started on a new project for the big dredge as soon as the weather cooperates. The project is located at Lake Waynoka east of Cincinnati. We have seen more interest over the winter than we have seen in years past. Heartland’s future is looking bright!

December 2018

Winter is now upon us so there isn’t much that can happen with dredging in the near future. Heartland Dredging did pick up a job cleaning out two ponds at Hoosier Village. We will be doing them the old fashioned way by pumping them out and using dozers and excavators. It’s a job that can be completed over the winter. Heartland also picked up a job for the big dredge for the spring at Lake Waynoka, east of Cincinnati.

November 2018

Heartland Dredging is preparing to start a new job in Greenwood, IN that will require repairing pond banks on a pond we dredged earlier this year. For this job, we will be using a different product. It’s a blanket of 5” concrete squares held together by a heavy mesh backing. There are gaps between the concrete squares to allow for grass to grow through. There is an erosion control mat attached to the back so all that needs done is to roll it out and stake it down. This might be a good solution for other job sites!

October 2018

Heartland Dredging has had a lot of new interest in dredging recently, but it has not led to any projects that are ready for an immediate start. Several people have been calling that are interested in having work done next year.

September 2018

Heartland Dredging has completed six jobs jobs with the Dino dredge so far this year. They have all been good projects as each job has come in under cost and the clients are happy with the finished product. One project in Greenwood has led to a good size bank stabilization project for the fall.

August 2018

Heartland has been attempting to complete the job in Brownsburg for the Hendricks County Surveyors Office, but we have been held up by a half empty pond caused by the dry weather; we hope to have it completed soon! We continue to receive many calls for both the small dredges and the big dredge.

July 2018

The small dredge has been very busy this spring and summer. Heartland has completed 5 projects and have 2 more to do. We have sent out numerous proposals for the small dredge and several look promising. We also have several nice jobs we are looking at for the big dredge. We should know more about what’s happening with the big dredge in a couple of weeks.

June 2018

Heartland has finished two small dredge projects, and there are three more to finish. The Ashwod project and Roche Diagnostics projects are complete. We now have work to do for Citizens at two of their plants, and then we will go to Martinsville to work at Foxcliff Lake. Each of these will only take a week or two. When they are complete, we will clean a forebay in Brownsburg for the Hendricks County Surveyor.