September 2018

Heartland Dredging has completed six jobs jobs with the Dino dredge so far this year. They have all been good projects as each job has come in under cost and the clients are happy with the finished product. One project in Greenwood has led to a good size bank stabilization project for the fall.

August 2018

Heartland has been attempting to complete the job in Brownsburg for the Hendricks County Surveyors Office, but we have been held up by a half empty pond caused by the dry weather; we hope to have it completed soon! We continue to receive many calls for both the small dredges and the big dredge.

July 2018

The small dredge has been very busy this spring and summer. Heartland has completed 5 projects and have 2 more to do. We have sent out numerous proposals for the small dredge and several look promising. We also have several nice jobs we are looking at for the big dredge. We should know more about what’s happening with the big dredge in a couple of weeks.

June 2018

Heartland has finished two small dredge projects, and there are three more to finish. The Ashwod project and Roche Diagnostics projects are complete. We now have work to do for Citizens at two of their plants, and then we will go to Martinsville to work at Foxcliff Lake. Each of these will only take a week or two. When they are complete, we will clean a forebay in Brownsburg for the Hendricks County Surveyor.

May 2018

Heartland has had a heck of a time getting started this year with winter deciding to stick around! We were able to start on the Ashwood dredging project in Greenwood, IN, although it was a couple weeks later than we had anticipated. However, it has been going well. Once finished, we have three more small projects to do with the small dredge. We are currently pursuing a few opportunities for the big dredge.

April 2018

There was no dredging going on during the cold winter months, but now Heartland can finally get started again! We have a total of (4) small jobs for the Dino machines so far this year. Two of the jobs were started last year, and Heartland also picked up a small job in Brownsburg for the Hendricks County Surveyor and another small job cleaning out some boat slips at Foxcliff Lake in Martinsville. Now that it’s warming up a bit (or at least it should be warming up a bit!), we are getting several calls on new dredging projects.

December 2017

Cold weather and permit delays have prevented Heartland Dredging from starting any new dredging projects. However, there are two clients raring to go with their projects, and we are awaiting the permit process to finalize. At least we will have some work to look forward to in the spring!

November 2017

The Choctaw Lake project is finished! There was a total of 40,000 cubic yards of material removed from the lake using our VMI dredge with an 8” pump. The material was pumped up to 3,000 feet away to an open disposal basin that Heartland Dredging constructed. The dredge performed exceptionally well, and the residents are pleased with the work. Meanwhile, the 2 new jobs for the small dredges have not been completed due to permitting issues. Heartland is hopeful that it will be completed before winter hits too hard!

October 2017

Heartland Dredging has 2 new jobs for the small dredges, but both are on hold because of permitting delays. If the permitting process goes well, both jobs can be completed this year. The Choctaw Lake job in Ohio is ongoing for the big dredge. Heartland is over half way done, and the owners are happy with the progress. Heartland has also recently received several dredging inquiries.

September 2017

Dredging at Choctaw Lake has been up and going for about a week and everything is going well. Meanwhile, Heartland Dredging has picked up a couple of new jobs locally for the small dredges. First, we have a small job cleaning out a retention pond for a condo complex in Greenwood. It should start in a few weeks and take about 3 weeks to complete. The second job is for Roche Diagnostics on the northeast side of Indianapolis. Like the Greenwood job, it is a small job that should take only a couple weeks to complete. However, it probably won’t start until November due to permitting issues.