Kentucky’s Versatile Dredging Contractor

Throughout the state of Kentucky, Heartland Dredging provides retention pond cleaning, lagoon and lake maintenance, and silt and sediment removal services to commercial, municipal, and residential clients. Using eco-friendly, state-of-the-art techniques, Heartland Dredging’s process has little to no impact on the environment or your site. Heartland Dredging contractor services offer customized, effective solutions for Kentucky clients including golf courses, property management companies, neighborhood HOAs, and municipal wastewater treatment plants.

Eco-Friendly Silt and Sediment Removal

Our compact dredging system boasts a smaller footprint and enhanced maneuverability, so it performs even in places inaccessible to conventional dredging equipment, without sacrificing performance capacity. Operable at a depth of up to 14 feet and capable of pumping up to 1,600 gallons per minute for several thousand feet, our dredge can handle most waterway dredging, cleaning, and maintenance situations. Using geotextile tubes to capture sediment while simultaneously purifying runoff water and reducing overall waste by 60%, Heartland Dredging protects marine life, minimizes or eliminates the need for site restoration, and cuts down on overall maintenance costs. Protect Kentucky’s environment and your pond, lake, lagoon, or other waterway with Heartland Dredging.

Results for Applications Large and Small

Whether you’re a homeowners association, property management company, golf course, wastewater treatment plant, or other private, commercial, or municipal entity, Heartland Dredging contractor operations in Kentucky can meet your needs while protecting your site and the environment. Our industry leading sludge and sediment removal process easily scales up or down, allowing us to provide flexible silt dredging and removal from small retention ponds, municipal wastewater lagoons, or large waterways with equal precision.