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Crooked StickGolfCourseDredging – Pond Cleaning, Carmel, IN

Crooked Stick Golf Club, site of the 2012 BMW PGA Tour Championship in Carmel, Indiana, had a significant sediment problem in the pond on hole six, their signature hole.  Silt and sediment had built up to the point that it was above the waterline in places.  The shallow depth was causing a severe algae problem and an inadequate water supply for course irrigation.  A number of alternatives were tried from chemical treatment to bubblers to aerators with no improvement.  The pond was not accessible for trucks and conventional construction equipment.  Management did not want to drain the pond and they wanted to keep the hole open for play.

Our innovative solution was to use a portable hydraulic mini-dredge to remove the sediment.  An average of 2.5 feet of silt and sediment was removed, including the material that had accumulated above the water line, along with quite a few golf balls!  In all, over 2000 cubic yards of material was removed with virtually no interruption in play.  The sediment was consolidated, using geotextile tubes, and disposed of on-site.

As you can see from the before and after pictures, the results were impressive.  The management of Crooked Stick was very pleased with the results.

Water Treatment Plant Projects

Water Treatment Plants

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Heartland Dredging has performed several projects for Citizens Water in Indianapolis.  We have completed projects at the South Harding, Geist, and White River treatment plants.  The projects involved removing alum sludge from Citizens Water’s many sediment lagoons.  This material needed to be hauled to a sanitary landfill for permanent disposal.  We were able to do this without interrupting plant operations.

During the dredging process, we removed over 30,000 cubic yards of sludge and injected a polymer into the pipeline before the slurry reached the geotextile tubes.  The polymer promotes quicker separation of the solids and water.  The combination of the polymer and the geotextile tubes caused a significant reduction in the volume and weight by filtering out the water cleanly and leaving only the solid material.  Since the material placed in the landfill is measured by weight, Citizens Water has realized significant savings in disposal fees thanks to our expertise.

Gaither Pond Cleaning Project, Alexandria, IN

Gaither Pond Cleaning

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The Gaithers had a severe problem with sediment buildup in a pond on their property.  They consulted with numerous contractors only to find that conventional dredging was cost-prohibitive, would require the pond to be drained, and would threaten the wildlife at the pond.  The pond is home to several rare black swans, fish, and other wildlife that are important to the Gaithers.

We removed the sediment without draining the pond and preserved the wildlife for a lower cost than conventional methods.  Over 7,000 cubic yards were pumped approximately 4,000 feet to the nearest disposal site, eliminating the need to truck off any material, which further reduced the costs.

Patriot Launch Ramp Improvement Project, Ohio River, OH

Patriot Lauch Ramp

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The town of Patriot is a small town in southeastern Indiana located on the Ohio River.  The town needed to relocate their boat ramp from the current location, which fed directly into the Ohio River, to an adjacent location that fed into a protected cove out-letting to the river.  Our scope of work was to dredge the inlet/outlet leading into the river.  We dredged and pumped the material into geotextile tubes located on the project site.  The pumping distance ranged from 300 feet to a maximum of 500 feet.  Approximately 300 cubic yards of sediment was removed.

Both the primary contractor and the town of Patriot are very pleased with the end result.

Geist Reservoir – Lake Maintenance, Indianapolis, Indiana


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Heartland was contacted by several homeowners on Geist Reservoir who had a significant sediment problem at their private docks.  The docks were located at the end of a small cove with limited access.  The cove was surrounded by steep hills and expensive homes, which made it nearly impossible to use conventional excavating equipment with trucks.  There simply was no access without creating major site damage.  We offered the only cost-effective solution to their problem.  Our dredge was small enough to maneuver in the cove with sufficient power to pump the material through a 6” pipe up the hill to a cul-de-sac, where we had small geotextile tubes setup.  In just a couple of days we removed 250 cubic yards of hard-to-reach sediment.  Once the material de-watered in the tubes, it was removed and hauled away.  There was absolutely no damage to the site.