Heartland Dredging is a registered business name owned by Valenti-Held Contractor/Developer, Inc.  We specialize in removing silt, sludge, and muck from retention ponds, waterways, sludge lagoons, golf course ponds, storm water BMP basins, treatment plant basins, animal waste lagoons, and small marinas using state-of-the-art, eco-friendly dredging techniques.  We service commercial, municipal, and residential facilities.  Our expertise is in removing unwanted silt and sludge from confined bodies of water with virtually no impact to the environment.  We use a versatile dredging system that performs in places that are simply inaccessible to conventional dredging equipment, yet removes large quantities of sediment.  The dredge has a working depth of 14” to 14’ and is capable of pumping up to 1,600 gallons per minute for several thousand feet.  Our process uses geotextile tubes along with a coagulating polymer which quickly separates the sediment from the water.  The dredge pumps the sediment to the geotextile tubes, which are large bags made of various types of filter fabric where the water is filtered out crystal clear and can be re-directed into a nearby storm drain or over-land back to the body of water without the need for further filtering.  As the tubes dry, the material is consolidated, reducing the end quantity to dispose of by as much as 60%.  We offer turnkey solutions from initial planning to final completion.

Benefits of the eco-friendly Heartland Dredging system:

  • No need for dewatering or loss of marine life
  • Only clean water is returned to the waterway
  • Accessibility to confined areas
  • Minimal need for site restoration
  • Reduced sludge disposal costs
  • Will not damage pond or lagoon liners

Give us a call today and we’ll keep your body of water attractive and functional.

  • Client Testimonial

    ...We would be more than happy to use Heartland Dredging for any future dredging needs because they perform their work with a high level of quality, professionalism, and integrity. Just as importantly, the job came in on-budget as well. I would highly recommend Heartland Dredging to any client looking for a knowledgeable, professional, quality-oriented dredging contractor.

    Paul Rioux
    Board Member and Membership Chairman
    Crooked Stick Golf Club